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To the police - But what exactly does that mean for the...

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Andy Soliman To the police, the government, and the people. So how well do you know, that man on TV? Sweet-talking his way to the presidency? When you look him in the eye, do you see what I see? He's made a career out of pretending to be what you need Would you honest to god choose him over me? Him over US? When you get right down to it, It's all about trust. Being anarchist doesn't mean you can't be organized I believe in our ability to compromise Without guns bombs and police Without losing our minds And treating adults like small disobedient children People generally behave when you threaten to kill them
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Unformatted text preview: But what exactly does that mean for the human race? Put on all the makeup you want underneath it's still the same face I guess I'm naive enough that I still have faith That we can grow up learn love and get the hell out of this place Call me idealistic Call me insane But at least all my dreams aren't washed down the drain So if you’re not willing to look at me with the same kind of trust As some stranger in a suit with clean white cuffs Then consider this me, calling your bluff, You don't believe in the system, you've just given up....
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