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Unformatted text preview: 1 September 2011 Natural Hazards Lecture Hurricane Irene – Saturday Night • Damage worst on right hand side • Cone on map illustrates where the storm will go • Category 1 when it got to US • Only 10 hurricanes have passed through Boston since the late 1800’s • Potential for flooding in New England area • Hurricanes produce tornados • Watch – conditions are right for a hazard to occur • Warning – a hazard has been detected • In a hazard, text, don’t call • Original disaster relief policy – don’t get into the disaster until 72 hours after • New policy – get in there before the disaster; preventative Hazard Characteristics - Irene • Magnitude – Category 1 • Frequency – not very often • Duration – how long rainfall saturates the earth, how long it is flooded • Areal Extent – multiple state disaster • Speed of Onset – fairly slow-moving storm • Spatial Pattern • Temporal Pattern • Human Impact Recent Hazards • Mosquitoes Dying in Africa – reduce malaria rate • Typhoon in the Philippines • Flooding in Nigeria The Past Year • Flooding in Australia ...
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