9:6:2011 - o Warm weather Geography journal publishes...

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6 September 2011 News New Japanese Prime Minister – Yoshihiko Noda Change in political system as a result of poor response to tsunami and nuclear waste Typhoon hits Japan this week Flash flooding, land slides Uruguayan peace keepers in Haiti accused of sexual abuse In the past, UN peace keepers from Nepal responsible for cholera outbreak Obama visits hurricane hit areas Promises money for affected areas Tropical storm Lee hits US 1 foot of flooding in New Orleans Will levies hold the flooding? Notes Watch – looking out for a hazard Warning – when you see a hazard Radar Intensity – the amount of reflection you get from a radar o Can capture amt. of material picked up by tornado, or amt. of rainfall Risk of fire from thunder strikes in Los Angeles o Dry storm, dry lightning o Large amount of vegetative fuel
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Unformatted text preview: o Warm weather Geography journal publishes article casting doubt on climate change, editor resigns Texas experiencing wildfires o Same problem as Los Angeles o Caused by lightning strikes o Bad wildfire activity Drought in Somalia & East Africa o 750,000 deaths o Prolific magnitude 2011 is very severe tornado year o Use record of past to predict pattern of the future History is very important when it comes to disasters o Its only through studying the past that we can get a sense of what can happen and protect ourselves against future events Two-story homes are often the most at risk features in a landscape Disaster postcards are an excellent source of information Newspapers are being given a run for their money by local media...
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9:6:2011 - o Warm weather Geography journal publishes...

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