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The Preparedness of California Residents in the Event of a Wildfire The wildfires that have occurred in Southern California in the past several years have incurred large-scale damage to infrastructure and environment in the region. Due to California’s geographic location, it is more prone to earthquakes and wildfires. California’s chaparral ecosystem, vertically running canyons, frequent droughts, and Santa Ana winds all lend themselves to a wildfire prone region. Wildfires are so common in the area that they have become part of the natural regeneration cycle within the California landscape. During the autumn months, California is very dry, becoming highly susceptible to fires, even with the use of fire retardants. Most fires occur during the months of September and March, when the Santa Ana winds are strongest. Although fire is a hazard to the Malibu area, it is also a necessary element in the Santa Monica Mountain ecosystem. Classified as a chaparral habitat, many of the native evergreen plants require fire for a variety of reasons, including the spreading of their seeds and the clearing of land for new plants to grow. The arid conditions that are characteristic
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