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Final Project Proposal

Final Project Proposal - 3 Interviews with neighbors 4...

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Andrew Soliman GEOG-260 Final Project Proposal 12/6/11 Final Project Topic My final project will be a study on the vulnerability of my neighborhood in Laguna Niguel, California, in terms of wildfires, due to its precarious location on the edge of a large canyon and wilderness preserve, and previous scares with wildfires in the area, as well as the preparedness of the people living in my neighborhood in the event of a wildfire. Research Question(s) 1. How susceptible is my neighborhood to wildfires, according to the leading authorities on wildfire vulnerability? 2. What is the history of wildfires in my neighborhood, and what does this suggest for the future? 3. How prepared are the people in my neighborhood for a wildfire to take place? Do they have an emergency preparedness kit? Are they aware of the risks posed to them? Area of geographical focus Laguna Niguel, California (Potential) Data Source(s) 1. Wildfire vulnerability maps 2. News stories of previous wildfires in Laguna Niguel
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Interviews with neighbors 4. Census TIGER/Line shapefiles for city boundaries and social vulnerability variables in my neighborhood 5. Collect data on areas where there is an abundance of dry brush near my neighborhood Methods of Research 1. In-person interviews 2. Read through newspaper articles on wildfires in Laguna Niguel 3. Download previous fire information from fire.ca.gov 4. Collect data on dry brush locations susceptible to wildfire I will write up notes from my interviews with neighbors, and categorize and quantify the answers into percentages of people who are prepared for a wildfire. I will code and clean the data I obtain from my environmental survey to identify regions of dry brush that could easily catch fire. I will then map these regions and overlay the locations of past wildfires to see the correlation. Working with partner(s) or individually? Who are your partners (if any)? I will be working individually....
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Final Project Proposal - 3 Interviews with neighbors 4...

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