Natural Hazards Lower 9th Ward

Natural Hazards Lower 9th Ward - The article does, however,...

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I learned the extent to which Katrina affected the entire 9 th ward, and the slow pace at which the damages are being repaired. I also learned that in many cases, the damages are not being repaired at all. Heavily damaged houses have been torn down, and their lots cleared, but signs of rebuilding are nowhere in sight. This article, written in 2006, nearly a year after hurricane Katrina hit, describes the slowness of the rebuilding process taking place in New Orleans. They attribute the sluggish pace to “bureaucracy and a lack of money” in the state. The then mayor describes that a small percentage of the government-appropriated money is in fact reaching the city of New Orleans, making any rebuilding efforts difficult, if not impossible. The sloth-like nature of the rebuilding efforts was even noticed by President Bush himself, back in 2006.
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Unformatted text preview: The article does, however, mention an additional 800 housing units developed in the projects that were fit to live in by that time. An additional 200 units were promised by the close of that month. This would increase the total number of units, the article explains, to 5,100. In regards to our finding with the comparison maps, the information provided in the article seems quite accurate. A whole four years after this article was published, many of the homes have still not been repaired or rebuilt. Cleanup of major debris has taken place, but the foundation of houses still remains. Very few houses had been rebuilt in the 2006 map, showing a slow pace and little progress. The effects of the 2010 map were much more positive, showing a larger rebuilding effort and more houses either repaired or under construction, but many lots, sometimes blocks at a time, remained empty....
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