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Task 1 - buildings with the lowest overall confidence...

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The two buildings with the greatest difference in MEF rating were numbers 12 and 28. The greatest difference between ratings for both of the buildings was 3. The reason the difference was so large for building number 12 was because the damage had already been covered up and the building was underexposed, making it difficult to determine the actual damage done to the house. Some of us assumed that the building had been destroyed under the blue tarp, while others of us thought they were just covering the house up to protect it, but that it was left undamaged. For number 28, one member of the group mistakenly thought that the raised foundation was the house, because the house had been completely demolished and the debris blown away. The
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Unformatted text preview: buildings with the lowest overall confidence ratings were numbers 3, 27, 34, and 41. Image number 3 was difficult to assess because the building was far away in the picture, and a tree was obstructing the view of most of the structure. Building 27 was difficult because part of the building was completely demolished while part was still completely in tact. Building 34 was hard to assign an MEF score because the framing of the picture cut off the structure, and the entirety of the house couldn’t be seen. Finally, 41 was difficult for all of us to assess because the picture was backlit, making the building extremely underexposed and difficult to make out....
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