1 September 2011

1 September 2011 - 4 Elements of Setting o 1. Time/Era o 2....

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4 Parts of a Writer Script o 1. Character o 2. Dialogue o 3. Action o 4. Setting 6 Elements of Plot o 1. Causality: A B, B C o 2. Connection Time and space Temporal continuity, spatial contiguity o 3. Protagonist Antagonist: not necessarily a person Climax results from conflict o 4. Action Intended to create suspense, uncertainty Transgeneric – covers all genres o 5. Unity – coherence o 6. Ending and closure Dramatic Structure o 1. Classical/Linear/Aristotilean o 2. Episodic – series of vignettes, nothing linked o 3. Contextual/Thematic – achronological
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Unformatted text preview: 4 Elements of Setting o 1. Time/Era o 2. Duration o 3. Season o 4. Place/Spatial setting 5 Types of POV o 1. Omniscient god-like or neutral o 2. First Person Inside/Outside seeing through their eyes Outside narration, not in film, knows whats going on o 3. Third Person biased, but not narrated o 4. Multiple perspectives of multiple characters o 5. Authorial playful, filmic/media specific properties...
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