6 September 2011

6 September 2011 - • Entrances and exits are important...

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Performance In every day life, we act o Production is conversion of daily life into film o Performance is part of the visual-oral representation script 1. Dialogue o Actors speak dialogue o Intonation of words create meaning o Pause in sentences o Volume o Silence 2. Action o Posture o Gesture – action that doesn’t move the plot along o Business – action the director gives the actor during dialogue Conveys psychological state Helps actor get through o Space Player’s physicality o 1. Body, voice, eyes, age, face A cu is an abstraction – only for audience Focuses on face Good acting beings with bone structure Genetics o 2. Personality Shows in the face Physicality renders personality o 3. Player’s Talent Act, sing, dance o 4. Player’s mythology Aspects of player from their real life Past roles o 5. Persona of a player Persona – mask Persona influences interpretation of character from casting to viewing Players speak to us about ourselves
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Unformatted text preview: • Entrances and exits are important • A Star – someone who can carry a film • Movies are erotic self-projections • Types of acting o Pantomime Exaggerations o Realist – representational Build character inside out To create a character, recall when you felt as they did o Method Studies real people o Academic Studies in school o Improv o Star – like nobody else there is o Riffing • Consistency of acting o We behave for many reasons o On or in front of the beat • Actors act better when you stay with them for a long time • Performance is rhythm, authenticity • A director tells the actors how to act o Gives business and gestures o Conveys visual design to actors o A film is made a chronologically o Director must fill in previous scene and scene after o The director is the audience on set o Director with actor gives better performance...
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6 September 2011 - • Entrances and exits are important...

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