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10 November 2011 2 Basic Tenets of Modernism o Thematic – Content Ideas i.e. moral ambiguity, protagonist on a journey o Formal Specific Techniques 5 Formal Elements that Modernism Subverts o Narrative o Point of View Multiple Subjective o Reflexivity Consciousness turned back on itself by the creator Making us aware of the artifice o Open Texture Alludes to outside references 3 Types of Intertextuality Filmic o Other movies Non-filmic o Other art forms
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Unformatted text preview: • Extra-filmic o Everything else o i.e. science in CSI o Incorporation of Different Materials, Media, and Styles Mixing animation with live action Mixing noir with docu-drama Classical Modernist • Plot • Non-plot • Goal Oriented Aristotelian Protagonist • Symbolic or Archetypal Characters • Closure • Non-closure • Transparency • Reflexivity • Pleasure • Confrontational...
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