13 September 2011

13 September 2011 - o Color vs. B+W Neither is better than...

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Visual Design Photography – to write with light 3 Point Lighting o 1. Key o 2. Fill o 3. Back Pay Attention to Direction of Light o Backlighting creates mystery Rembrandt o Side lighting splits face Pay Attention to Quantity of Light o High vs. Low Key o High key lighting Harsh Shows imperfections Heavy shadows o Low Key Lighting Soft Dusk Reflected light Resolution – amount of detail in frame o 1. Stock Unexposed film Fast Stock Very sensitive to light Grainy Slow Stock Not sensitive to light Sharp and clean Color vs. Black and White o 2. Gauge Size of the film Bigger = sharper o 3. Lab Work Die, Film, Gelatin, etc. Color o You can’t use all the colors The first element of art is selection Order Colors o Use color to signify protagonist
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Unformatted text preview: o Color vs. B+W Neither is better than the other Title Design o On black or color or film itself Special Effects o 1. Makeup Character vs. Street makeup o 2. Mechanical during production o 3. In camera green screen o 4. Post-production digital Mood vs. Atmosphere o Mood An emotion that pervades the film or scene Overtones o Atmosphere Physical or kinetic sensation Sights and sounds Film is concrete o The actors cant tell us their thoughts and emotions o Use visual design to do so o Spiritual becomes material o Visual design elements are all objective but represent subjectivity...
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13 September 2011 - o Color vs. B+W Neither is better than...

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