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190 Final Review - 190FinalReview CitizenKane...

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190 Final Review 23:55 Citizen Kane In terms of Realism vs. Formalism Formalism Definition: seeing from the director/artist’s vision Expressive Stylization Pushing the boundaries of emotion in an over the top way Made up of different components Expressionism High contrast lighting Surrealism (Avant Garde) Psychological dimension Deep space composition in the wide angle Emphasis on form over content Episodic structure Emphasizes subjective perspective in each vignette Self-reflexivity Singing in the Rain Animation Beginning of Shot in the Dark High Tech Stylization Explosions and special effects to evoke emotion Bank Job Realism Definition: a representation of what actually exists, an imitation of real life (mimetic) Psychological realism
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How he’s feeling New Reels Formalist inclusion of realist aspect Italian Neorealism Tries to depict truth in its most natural form Related to documentary filmmaking
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190 Final Review - 190FinalReview CitizenKane...

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