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190 Paper Research - 1. Film genre reader a. Edited by...

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1. Film genre reader a. Edited by Barry Keith Grant b. University of Texas press, Austin c. 31275026020348 c.i. Pages 190-192 c.i.1. “It is difficult to know just what to call this type of film. On one level, it relates to the traditional literary mode of burlesque or parody in which a well established set of conventions or a style is subjected to some form of ironic or humorous exploitation. Indeed many of the most striking and successful films of the period have been out and out burlesques of traditional popular genres such as Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein (1974, the Frankenstein horror cycle). However, burlesque and parody embody a basically humorous thrust” c.i.2. In addition to these sudden confrontations with reality, conventional patterns can be turned into laughter by inverting them. A good example of this is the device of turning a character who shows all the marks of a hero into a coward or vice versa. A favorite manifestation of this in recent films and novels is what might be called the hard boiled schlemiel, the private detective who turns out to be totally unable to solve a crime or resist villains except by accident. This type of burlesque is even more effctive when the inverted presentation actually seems to bring out some latent meanings that were lurking all the time in the original convention. Mel Brooks is a particular master of this kind of burlesque. In his Young Frankenstein , the monster attacks Frankenstein’s fiancée Elizabeth – a moment of tragic violence in
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190 Paper Research - 1. Film genre reader a. Edited by...

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