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22 September 2011 The Searchers Framing o Frames within frames Doorway as a frame Movie about flux, people coming and going Metaphor of leaving Bookends with doorway at beginning and end Horizon creates horizontal patterns Vertical mesas and people break horizontal pattern Intersection creates drama Cave as a frame Jagged line causes discomfort Perspectives o Predominantly ELS and LS ELS – horizons LS – full bodies
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Unformatted text preview: • To show muscularity, masculinity, costume o Genre dictates composition and content o Close Ups for Women, mostly Scar’s face Dead sister scream Laurie getting fought over One CU of John Wayne, before climax • Angles o Ford uses moderate low angle Given to all white people/good guys Gives characters mythic proportions o Scar given eye level shot, to make him average...
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