Week 1 - Toy becomes commodity Why was it popular? It...

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Aesthetics – visual beauty o What “turns us on” about a movie How Film Affects us 4 Sides of a Movie o 1. Technology Industrial Revolution, 19 th century invention Value of technology Recreate life in motion – movement in time Many locations, same time 6 Things had to be in place 1. Persistence of vision o Brain allows us to see frames as motion o Physical and psychological – eyes and brain o Thaumotrope – spinning coin on a string Thauma – wonder, trope - turn John Paris Bird in cage 2. Still Photography o 10 th century 3. Motion Picture Camera o Edward Moibridge – horse race photographer 24 Cameras o Gun Shaped Camera 12 glass plates 4. Film Stock o Celluloid o Simple, cheap o 24 fps standard 5. Printer o Negative Positive 6. Projector o Plays 24 fps o 2. Business Movies make money
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Unformatted text preview: Toy becomes commodity Why was it popular? It captured motion Other forms of entertainment set the climate for realism Film did it better Few demands in language, good for immigrants and lower class Cheaper than theater Films show us how to live Socializing force Movies were accessible and clean Accessed shared feelings, part of a whole Tapped into dream life, what we want/daydream about o Movies are dreaming Work out unresolved problems Movies and dreams are visual Movies are better because you do it together o Producer financial o Distributor gets it into theaters o Exhibitor rents reels o Movies first shown in Vaudeville Collection of skits...
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Week 1 - Toy becomes commodity Why was it popular? It...

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