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CRITICISM OF AFRICAN AMERICANS BECOMING CO-CONSPIRATORS IN THE DESTRUCTION AND CONDEMNATION OF YOUNG BLACK MALES. The Condemnation of Little B, Brown's central theses is the criminal justice system looking for a quick, symbolic conviction Brown cites studies and cases from all over America that reveal how much more likely youth of color are to be convicted of crimes and to serve long-even life-sentences, and how deeply the new black middle class is implicated in this devastating reality. Elaine Brown exposes the "New Age" racism that effectively condemns millions of poor African-Americans to a third world life. I. Scapegoat Gave the background of the murder, its suspects, and key elements of the testimonies. Laid the foundation for the rest of the book, telling who the people with power were and giving detailed descriptions of their backgrounds. Identified the present social dynamics of Atlanta. Presumed Michael “Little B” Lewis as innocent and gave his life background. II. Shadow of the Dome Prosecutor Paul Howard felt the burden of protecting the Olympic dream in Atlanta at the time, and making an example of Michael was a perfect way to get started. He symbolized the very demographic that was labeled as the problem in Atlanta, and he allegedly shot down a part of the perceived solution. Continues to uncover the racism embedded in America’s history, from Blacks to Easterns to Native Americans. With the burning of Atlanta in 1864, so ended the driving force and most profitable
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