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Presentation # F’10 – 118 # ____ PEER EVALUATION Group name Sierra’s Mist Target Abbott Labs Your name Trevor Salas Assessment of each group members’ work, including your own: Sina Sharif: Sina was a key component to the group. He acted as the facilitator most of the time, allocating the sections to everyone taking into account their strengths and weaknesses. He definitely carried his weight, not giving himself the easiest section every time. He was able to stay focused more often than the rest of us and along with Sierra, provided a level head when needed. Jeff Sloan: Jeff was a huge help when it came to excel. He took care of all the formulas for us and organized the final parts before we turned them in. He also held his own on the researching part, and many of our assigned sections were similar so we often times collaborated to make sure our findings were correct and we weren’t repetitive. CJ Connoly: CJ worked independently most of the time but produced great work. He was
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