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Trevor Salas 11/28/10 Eng102A The Recipe for Success Over the past 10 weeks, our 5 guest speakers have shown us what it takes to excel in the business world and become a true entrepreneur. Although each person had different backgrounds and specialized in certain areas, one constant they all shared was their extensive knowledge of their respective fields. A common work ethic combined with specific abilities and an aptitude for success made these people who they are today, and after hearing their stories and advice I am more prepared for what the future holds. I now know that a knowledgeable and trustworthy team is imperative, and with a mastery of my field and the willingness to put the necessary time in to achieve my goals, I will be prepared for success no matter where I end up after my stay at UCSB comes to an end. I have been taught the importance of teamwork my whole life, but I noticed something different in the teamwork that Mr. Patterson and Mr. Desai spoke of. Instead of my rudimentary analysis that consisted solely of being able to work together with people to achieve a common goal, both speakers delved deeper into what true teamwork is. Just working together with people isn’t good enough, and one of the biggest components of teamwork is actually who you decide to form a team with. Mr. Patterson gave us “4 things” that if we learned nothing else from his lecture we needed to walk away with, and one of his main points was forming a “Personal Board of Directors”. Not just some people that are interested in the same things you are, but people with the unique skills, drive, and personal chemistry that will set a solid foundation for your new adventure that in this case is starting your own company. Mr. Patterson also spoke of “Solitude” as one of his 4 most crucial
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points, and after his explanation I realized how well it tied into his teamwork message. He
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ENG102A_FINAL_ESSAY - Trevor Salas 11/28/10 Eng102A The...

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