Eng191 Final Marketing Project carson

Eng191 Final Marketing Project carson - 3. career...

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Marketing Plan Outline (search pest analysis quickmba) POLITICAL AND LEGAL ENVIRONMENT 1. tax policies a. CA sales tax: 8.75% b. CA property tax: about 11.5% c. Fed withholding tax d. Fed income tax e. Excise tax 2. employment laws a. must meet California work and labor standards i. $8.00 minimum wage 3. environmental regulations ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT 1. economic growth a. economic growth rate: US -2.4 (World Rank # 151) 2. interest rates a. US benchmark interest rate .25% b. 3.2% growth rate 3. inflation rate: 2.2% SOCIAL AND CULTURAL ENVIRONMENT 1. pop growth rate 2. age distribution
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Unformatted text preview: 3. career attitudes? 4. Emphasis on safety TECHNOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENT 1. R&D activity SWOT ANALYSIS 1. Strengths a. Strong Brand Names b. Good Reputation amongst clientele 2. Weaknesses a. Distribution channel(strengths and weaknesses) b. No patent protection c. Reliance on others for product 3. Opportunities a. Unfilled customer need 4. Threats a. Shifts in consumer tastes b. Emergence of substitute product c. New regulations All the above environments and present Opportunities and Threats as well....
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Eng191 Final Marketing Project carson - 3. career...

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