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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Campus Cruisers is a public biking system based in the University of California Santa Barbara(UCSB) and Isla Vista area that provides a cost-efficient and worry-free means of getting to and from residents’ destinations. Campus Cruisers’ maintenance-free service revolutionizes transportation by combining the ease of public services with the timely manner of owning a personal mode of travel. Our market is dense and specialized, with 100% of our customers being college students. Campus Cruisers aims to become intertwined with the strong community present in the target area and in time serve all residents on a daily basis. Campus Cruisers is a service founded by five UCSB students and is based in Goleta, CA, just two minutes north of the University’s campus. Megan Funk leads as the General Manager and Chief Management and Operations Officer, while Trevor Salas heads as the Chief Marketing Strategist. Ben Morrison serves as Chief Financial Officer, as Patrick Gregory and Anthony Miller serve as Competition Analyst and Implementation Officer, respectively. This core group represents a foundation of both social and scientific disciplines to create a well-rounded nucleus
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