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MARKETING STRATEGY 4.1 Introducing Campus Cruisers Campus Cruisers’ revolutionary public biking system thrives in dense, bicycle friendly areas and needs to become a trend to reach its amazing potential as a public service. For these reasons, University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) and its neighboring community of Isla Vista are ideal points of implementation. These areas present a unique environment where 20,000 students live in just over two square miles, making for a population density of 8,636 people per mile. It is also estimated that 85 percent of residents bike daily, and when compared to the United States average of 76 people per mile and a .38 percent daily bike rate, it is clear that this area presents a unique opportunity for Campus Cruisers to flourish. 4.2 The Campus Cruisers Customer Campus Cruisers aims to connect with a select demographic. We rely solely on UCSB students as our primary customer, with our secondary clientele being weekend visitors and temporary residents of Isla Vista. Our service is geared to supply transportation to/from class, on-campus events, and throughout the neighborhood of Isla Vista. Our customer is anywhere from 18 to 25 years of age and attending UCSB. It is estimated that 75 percent of students are environmentally aware, and living adjacent to each other creates a closely tied group of people. This plays heavily into our service becoming a trend because if we can become a part of this tight-knit community, people will adopt our service and quickly utilize it on a daily basis. 4.3 Creating a Customer Base Campus Cruisers seeks to take advantage of the customer consistency created around UCSB. We are fortunate to have a steady inflow and outflow of students, with approximately 4,000 new students coming and going each year. This allows us to foresee future demand and customers accurately and prepare for their arrival. We realize that students currently enrolled in the University already own bicycles, so we will aim our efforts elsewhere to lockdown important clients in our first year. We intend to advertise to incoming freshmen and transfer students exclusively in our first year in order to connect with customers that still have a need for our service. Our first year is crucial to future success, as we need to create a “fire” in the market and establish ourselves as a part of the community. In the following year, we will expand our
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