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edu 119 study guide test 2

edu 119 study guide test 2 - EDU 119 test 2 study guide 1...

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EDU 119 test 2 study guide 1. Emotional framework - the basic “feeling” structure of a classroom that determines the tone and underlying sensibilities that affect how people feel and behave while in class. 2. Out-of-Classroom Responsibilities Keeping records Attending meetings Organizing and Collecting Materials Making phone calls and sending e-mails Working with parents Home visits Student- Teacher conferences Staff Meetings 3. Essential qualities Personal attributes Self-awareness Attitudes and Bias 4. Essentials of professionalism Knowledge and skills A professional code of ethics Continuing education and professional development Professional affiliation Career options Cultural competency Advocacy Becoming a whole teacher 5. Handling an ethical dilemma 6. NAEYC - One of the largest professional organizations, which has local and state affiliate groups through which one can become a member. 7. Career Options Teacher in early childhood program Family day care provider Foster parent Social worker/ adoption agent Curriculum specialist Freelance writer Children’s book author Child care law specialist 8. Why we evaluate teachers To describe job responsibility Help set professional growth goals Clarify a teacher’s strengths and areas and important To monitor job effectiveness To create a plan for professional development
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To determine employment To meet accreditation requirements Chapter 6 1. Play is the work of childhood. It is the way children express themselves and how they show what they are really like. 2. The reasons we observe children To improve your teaching To construct theory To build curriculum To help parents To use as an assessment tool 3 . Three levels of observation Report exactly what the child does
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edu 119 study guide test 2 - EDU 119 test 2 study guide 1...

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