Philosophy of Positve Guidance

Philosophy of Positve Guidance - Cynthia Bracken Philosophy...

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Cynthia Bracken Philosophy of Positive Guidance I believe that children should be given a positive model of behavior from both childcare provider and parent. I believe it is important to partnership with parents to help guide positive behavior in the classroom. I feel that children should be given praise and encouragement throughout the day to uplift and enhance positive self- image and self -esteem. I also believe in correction but not necessarily punishment. I feel children should be given clear and simple rules or guidelines that are developmentally appropriate for their age and have immediate consequences when those rules are broken. In this paper I will give my definition of positive guidance and discipline. I will discuss strategies and basic approaches to use in promoting appropriate behaviors and also strategies to respond to inappropriate or challenging behaviors; this paper will also address methods of responding to children’s differences and needs, and methods for partnerships with families concerning children’s behavior and guidance. Definition of Positive Guidance and Discipline My definition for positive guidance and discipline is an ongoing process of non-violent, understanding interactions between children and adults that will help enhance the child’s problem solving skills. Increase confidence and pride in oneself and encourage self-discipline. As I was reading my child guidance notes, it stated from the NAEYC describes discipline as a way of teaching children to respect themselves and others, and to demonstrate that respect Cynthia Bracken
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through the gradual development of self-control. I feel praise and positive reinforcement are more effective methods than punishment or mistreatment. Strategies and Basic Approaches to Promote Appropriate Behaviors I would start with classroom arrangement to provide a safe and positive classroom climate that establish a low-stress and emotionally supportive environment which includes a predictable schedule, lesson plan with developmentally appropriate activities. Stimulus- reduced area which limits large open spaces that encourage running but encourage children to seek quiet or comfortable areas to work or read. (Kostelnik) I would balance quiet and active experience to allow individual expression and appropriate rest. I would set up small centers that would allow for 2 to 3 children to play together without feeling overcrowded where they could role play and model positive behavior that I myself will constantly display. I would provide a variety of toys that encourage social and cooperative play that I would change on a regular basis. I would promote children’s emotional development by
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Philosophy of Positve Guidance - Cynthia Bracken Philosophy...

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