POL 101 2010 World Politics Final v3

POL 101 2010 World Politics Final v3 - POL 101 World...

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POL 101 World Politics. Final examination. SBU ID: You are not allowed to use any sources, including electronic devices and your neighbors exam. Academic dishonesty on the final exam results in F for the course and a report to the SBU Academic Judiciary. (1 point each) Circle Nash equilibria in the following games: (7*, 3*) (3*, 3*) 2, 8* 2, 6 (3*, 2*) (1*, 2*) 2, 1* (1*, 1*) (5*, 2*) 4, 1 4, 9* 8*, 8 2, 2 3, 3* 3, 2 2, 3* 1, 0 3, 2* (4*, 0*) (4*, 0*) Your answer Question (each question is worth 1 point, unless stated otherwise) C In November 2010, WikiLeaks began releasing correspondence between US State Department and: a. Foreign leaders b. MNCs c. US embassies d. IGOs e. NGOs B The Warsaw Pact was created in response to: a. UN b. NATO c. League of Nations d. British Hegemony e. Rise of Germany C According to liberalism the primary solution to the problem of cooperation is: a. identity b. dominance c. reciprocity d. ideology e. freedom D Two superpowers during the Cold War were: a. USA and Germany b. USA and Japan c. USA and Great Britain d. USA and USSR B The Peace of Westphalia established: a. free trade b. state sovereignty c. League of Nations d. United Nations e. European Union B Human Rights Watch is an example of: a. MNC b. NGO c. IGO d. special interest group e. state actor A Mercantilism is most closely related to: a. realism b. liberalism c. constructivism d. idealism e. altruism E According to constructivism, state actors: a. always selfish b. always altruistic c. always strategic d. always naïve e. none of the above C
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POL 101 2010 World Politics Final v3 - POL 101 World...

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