POL101 Midterm 2 v2

POL101 Midterm 2 v2 - POL 101 World Politics Midterm #2....

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POL 101 World Politics Midterm #2. SBU ID: You are not allowed to use any sources, including electronic devices and your neighbors exam. Academic dishonesty results in F for the exam, likely F for the course, and a report to the SBU Academic Judiciary. Please, write down your answers in the “Your answer” column. Your answer Question (each questions is worth 1 point) C 1. Export-oriented industries benefit from all of the following EXCEPT: a. fixed exchange rates b. trade liberalization c. higher value of own currency d. lower value of own currency B 2. What is foreign direct investment? a. a loan made directly to a foreign ruler b. an investment venture in which a company maintains control of its assets in another country c. investments in other countries in which investors have no role in managing the asset d. a loan from the International Monetary Fund made directly to a country’s central bank e. a loan intended to bypass corrupt local officials by going straight to a targeted industry D 3. Domestic consumers are most likely to benefit from: a. fixed exchange rates b. quotas c. non-tariff barriers to trade d. floating exchange rates e. tariffs D 4. A domestic economic policy designed to fight unemployment is likely to cause: a. currency appreciation b. trade deficit c. decreased international trade d. increased exports D 5. Which of the following is NOT associated with the contemporary economic globalization? a. more trade
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POL101 Midterm 2 v2 - POL 101 World Politics Midterm #2....

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