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POL 101 World Politics. Quiz. Please, type your Stony Brook ID: CIRCLE THE BEST ANSWER TO EACH QUESTION THE QUIZ IS “CLOSED EVERYTHING”! 1) For realists states primary interest is: a. ideology b. resources c. peace d. power e. wealth 2) According to liberalism the primary solution to the problem of cooperation is: a. identity b. dominance c. reciprocity d. ideology e. freedom 3) According to constructivism, state actors: a. always selfish b. always altruistic c. always strategic d. always naïve e. none of the above 4) In international relations, actors can be any of the following EXCEPT: a. individuals b. international organizations c. groups d. rules e. states 5) Why do countries comply with international institutions? a. International institutions can always force countries to fulfill their agreements. b. International institutions are always neutral and unbiased mediators. c. International institutions never have their own agendas to pursue. d. International institutions can reduce the cost of coming to an agreement.
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