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POL 101 World Politics Quiz #3. SBU ID: You are not allowed to use any sources, including electronic devices and your neighbors exam. Academic dishonesty results in F for the test and a report to the SBU Academic Judiciary. Please, write down your answers in the “Your answer” column. Your answer Question (each questions is worth 1 point) A 1. In the figure above, what is the autarkic price of the product? a. P b. Pw c. A d. B e. Q E 2. In the figure above, what is consumer surplus under free trade? a. P*Q*1/2 b. (P-Pw)*Q*1/2 c. (Pmax-P)*Qd*1/2 d. (Pmax-Pw)*Q*1/2 e. (Pmax-Pw)*Qd*1/2 D 3. In the figure above, what is the net benefit to the economy under free trade? a. A b. A+B c. Q*Pw*1/2 d. (Qd-Qs)*(P-Pw)*1/2 e. (Q-Qs)*(Pmax-Pw)*1/2
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