POL101 Syllabus Fall 2010

POL101 Syllabus Fall 2010 - Updated 08/31/2010 POL 101 01...

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1 Updated 08/31/2010 POL 101– 01 World Politics (Fall 2010) SYLLABUS Overview: Introduction to the theory and practice of the contemporary international relations through the prism of international security and international political economy. Class hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 8:20– 9:40 am Classroom: SB Union 123 Class homepage: Located on Blackboard Instructor: Oleg Smirnov (oleg.smirnov@stonybrook.edu) Teaching assistant: John Wulforst Office hours: Oleg Smirnov, Tuesday and Thursday, 9:50 – 11:20; Social and Behavioral Sciences Building, N-723. Readings: 1. Textbook: World Politics: Interests, Interactions, and Institutions by Jeffrey Frieden, David Lake, and Kenneth Schultz (2009). 2. Articles posted on Blackboard during the semester. Policy: We strictly follow Stony Brook University honor code and other policies. Grading: Midterm examination #1: 25% Midterm examination #2: 25% Final examination: 40% Pop quizzes: 10% Pop quizzes, requirements, and extra credit: At least four pop quizzes will be given. You are required to take two quizzes (if you take one quiz in the whole semester, you will get 5% grade penalty; if you take zero quizzes in the whole semester, you will get 10% grade penalty). If you take more than two quizzes, your two best quizzes will count towards the grade requirement (that is, 10%). Each additional quiz will give you up to 3% extra credit depending on your quiz score. There are no make-up quizzes under any circumstances.
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2 Other extra credit: Depending on the needs of the political science department, up to 5 extra credit opportunities may be offered. Each extra credit opportunity will be worth additional 0.5% of the grade, added after the curve is applied. Other notes: 1. No incompletes. 2. No make-up exams. If you have a documented medical excuse, then the weight of the missed exam will be added to the weight of the final examination. If you anticipate a problem, please, contact me as soon as possible, at least a week before the exam. You must take the final examination. 3. No other extra credit opportunities. No exceptions. 4. Textbook material complements lectures. Brief lecture notes will be posted online on
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POL101 Syllabus Fall 2010 - Updated 08/31/2010 POL 101 01...

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