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POL 101. World Politics. Fall 2011. A list of topics which are most likely to be covered on midterm #1 (and the final exam). Disclaimer: Anything from the lectures and textbook may, in theory, be covered on the test. 1. News item: US Credit Rating downgrade (by S&P), reasons for the downgrade. 2. Types of actors in world politics. 3. Levels of analysis. 4. Collective action problem, definition. 5. Difference between competition and cooperation. 6. Prisoner’s dilemma model and prediction. 7. Solutions to the collective action problems: dominance, reciprocity, identity. 8. Normative versus positive theories. 9. Differences between realism and liberalism. 10. How is constructivism different from realism and liberalism? 11. Historical periods through the prisms of realism and liberalism. 12. Mercantilist era. 13. Pax Britannica (“British Peace”). 14. Two world wars (“30 years crisis”). 15.
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