POL101 Midterm 1 v2

POL101 Midterm 1 v2 - POL 101 World Politics. Fall 2011....

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POL 101 World Politics. Fall 2011. Midterm #1. Stony Brook ID in the table below: Please, write down your answers in the “Your answer” column. THE TEST IS “CLOSED EVERYTHI±G” Your answer Question (1 point each) C In what aspect does neorealism differ from realism? a. security b. role of norms c. world structure d. relative gains e. dominance solution D In what aspect does neoliberalism differ from liberalism? a. pursuit of wealth b. importance of security c. role of institutions d. states as unitary actors D An example of an intangible element of state power could be: a. population size b. gross domestic product c. geography d. education of the population B State sovereignty is one of the main reasons behind: a. collective action problem b. security dilemma c. democratic peace theory d. world anarchy B In the bargaining model of conflict, what is the role mutually assured destruction on the bargaining range? a. no effect b. increases bargaining range c. decreases bargaining range d. both (b) and (c) are possible B NATO was created in order to oppose: a. Nazi Germany b. Soviet Union c. terrorism d. humanitarian crises e. China A Rationality is a foundation of which theories? a. positive b. normative c. both positive and normative d. neither of the two theories B The three rationalist reasons why negotiations fail include all EXCEPT: a. issue indivisibility b. mutually assured destruction c. incomplete information d. absence of trust A Which of the following makes Democratic peace theory problematic statistically? a. small number of democracies
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POL101 Midterm 1 v2 - POL 101 World Politics. Fall 2011....

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