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POL101 Quiz 1 with Answers

POL101 Quiz 1 with Answers - POL 101 World Politics Fall...

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POL 101 World Politics. Fall 2011. Quiz 1. Stony Brook ID: Please, write down your answers in the “Your answer” column. THE QUIZ IS “CLOSED EVERYTHI/G” Your answer Question (1 point each) A Mercantilism is most closely related to: a. realism b. liberalism c. constructivism d. idealism e. altruism B The Peace of Westphalia established: a. free trade b. state sovereignty c. League of Nations d. United Nations e. European Union B The Warsaw Pact was created in response to: a. UN b. NATO c. League of Nations d. British Hegemony e. Rise of Germany D Two superpowers during the Cold War were: a. USA and Germany b. USA and Japan c. USA and Great Britain d. USA and USSR D For realists, states primary interest is: a. ideology b. resources c. peace d. security e. wealth B Free-trade is a primary mechanism promoting peace and cooperation for: a. realism b. liberalism c. constructivism d. containment e. mercantilism C According to liberalism the primary solution to the problem of cooperation is:
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