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POL 101 World Politics Quiz #3. SBU ID: You are not allowed to use any sources, including electronic devices and your neighbors exams. Academic dishonesty results in F for the exam, likely F for the course, and a report to the SBU Academic Judiciary. Answer Question (1 point each) B According to most scientists, the present day global warming is primarily caused by: a) sun b) humans c) natural climate cycles d) ocean circulation e) ocean floor methane C A warmer climate on Earth can have all of the following consequences EXCEPT: a) melting glaciers b) floods c) tectonic plates shift d) droughts e) spread of diseases A Which of the following is an example of a well-known climatic positive feedback? Temperature and… a) melting ice b) hurricanes c) floods d) droughts e) solar activity B The number one UN Millennium Goal is to eradicate: a) child mortality b) poverty and hunger c) diseases d) pollution e) foreign debt of poor nations B In order to succeed economically, Botswana implemented all of the below EXCEPT:
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