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POL 101 World Politics Quiz #2. SBU ID: You are not allowed to use any sources, including electronic devices and your neighbors exams. Academic dishonesty results in F for the exam, likely F for the course, and a report to the SBU Academic Judiciary. Answer Question (1 point each) E According to PBS, the estimated death toll for the genocide in Rwanda was: a. 5,000 b. 50,000 c. 80,000 d. 500,000 e. 800,000 C The genocide in Rwanda lasted approximately: a. 10 hours b. 10 days c. 100 days d. 10 months e. 10 years A Prior to 1884 colonization, Rwanda was dominated by which group? a. Tutsi b. Hutu c. Belgians d. French e. Germans B At the time of the genocide what was the approximate proportion of Hutu and Tutsi, respectively? a. 50%-50% b. 80% Hutu, 20% Tutsi c. 80% Tutsi, 20% Hutu D Which nation was the first to withdraw its peacekeeping force when the genocide began? a. United States b. Germany c. Ghana d. Belgium e. Canada C The genocide in Rwanda took place in: a. 1989 b. 1991 c. 1994
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