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BIO335_2011 Schedule - Ion channels Wollmuth Channels&...

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BIO 335 Animal Physiology laboratory Schedule for Fall 2011 LEC 01 M 8:30AM-09:25AM JAVITS 110 LAB & REC 01 Tu 8:20AM-12:20PM BLL 117 LAB & REC 02 Tu 1:00PM-05:00PM BLL 117 LAB & REC 03 W 8:20AM-12:20PM BLL 117 LAB & REC 04 W 1:00PM- 5:00PM BLL 117 LAB & REC 05 Th 8:20AM-12:20PM BLL 117 Each section has one 4-hour combined recitation (REC) and laboratory (LAB) session, each week. Week starting Lecture Lecturer Lab + recitation session TA + (faculty) Reports / work due this week 8/29 Intro to course; basics of membrane excitability Kernan Intro to equipment; action potentials in earthworm giant axons (Kernan) 9/5 None (Labor Day) Modeling giant axons. (Kernan) Equipment worksheet 9/12 Action potentials Kernan Frog sciatic nerve: compound action potentials (Kernan) Lab report: giant axons 9/19 Compound action potentials Kernan Compound action potentials 2; (Kernan) 9/26 None No labs (Rosh H Thurs) 10/3 Ion channels Wollmuth Channels & currents – NIA
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Unformatted text preview: Ion channels Wollmuth Channels & currents – NIA simulations Lab report: sciatic nerve 10/10 Nerve conduction & synaptic delay Evinger Ulnar nerve stimulation & EMG (Evinger) Worksheet / report : ion Channels 10/17 Muscle contraction & excitability Evinger EMG II (Evinger) 10/24 Intro to neuroanatomy Kritzer Human Neuroanatomy 1 (Kritzer) Lab report: neuromuscular excitation 10/31 Basal ganglia & motor control Kritzer Human Neuroanatomy 2 (Kritzer) 11/7 Functional imaging of the brain Mirrione Analysis of PET imaging data Lab report: neuroanatomy 11/14 Cardiac cycle: mechanical & electrical properties Cabot Frog heart: mechanical responses & ECG (Cabot) Lab report : Imaging worksheet 11/21 No lecture No labs THANKSGIVING 11/28 Cardiac cycle: ECG and hormonal control Cabot Frog heart: drug effects (Cabot) 12/6 Physiology of organ transplantation TBA Discussion & Debate: Organ donation: procedures & practice. (Kritzer, Cabot, Kernan) Lab report frog heart...
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