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BIO 335 ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY Course Information - Fall 2011 “Sueños, ranas y Premios Nobel” Welcome to BIO 335! This lab course deals with the physiology and neurobiology of animal action: how electrically excitable cells - nerves and muscles - cause the movements that underlie behavior, in animals ranging from worms to humans. We will start by investigating how electrical nerve impulses are conducted along nerve fibers in invertebrates and vertebrates, and will examine the molecular events that underlie this process. You will then test (and experience) how neural information is converted to action by muscular excitation and contraction. You will examine the regions and circuits of the human brain that initiate and control neuromuscular action, and analyse data from new imaging techniques that reveal localized brain functions. You will study the activity of the vertebrate heartbeat, and how it is initiated and modulated. The course concludes with a discussion and debate in which we will consider ethical dilemmas that arise when human physiological and neural functions are impaired.
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BIO 335 Information 2 STAFF The course is taught by a team of faculty and graduate student instructors. Lecturers, in order of appearance, are: Maurice Kernan Associate Professor, Neurobiology & Behavior - course director Lonnie Wollmuth Professor, Neurobiology & Behavior Craig Evinger Professor, Neurobiology & Behavior Mary Kritzer Martine Mirrione Researcher, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory John Cabot Professor, Neurobiology & Behavior Lab sections are led by teaching assistants from the graduate Program in Neuroscience: Robert Bronstein Section 1 Albert (Quan) Gan Section 2 Melissa Haley Section 3 Eric Szelenyi Section 4 Shannon Loncar Section 5 Contact information for all, & office hours for the course director, are posted on Blackboard. LECTURES: 8:30am – 9:25am, Javits 110 First lecture: Mon 8/29. Lectures will be recorded by the SBCapture system and available on Blackboard (audio and computer projection only, no video). These recordings are for your later review: they do not substitute for attendance . As with all technology, there is the possibility of a hardware or software failure , so do not rely on recordings alone. Questions asked in lecture can be answered for credit using clickers : you must be present at lecture to do this. These may include questions on the prior week’s lab sessions, and on the background material for the current week. No points will be made up for forgotten clickers, low batteries, etc. If possible, buy and register your clickers and bring them to the first lecture, to test the system. Scoring for credit will start in the second lecture. LAB/RECITATION SESSIONS: Biology Learning Labs, room 117, starting Tues 8/30
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BIO335-2011_Info - BIO 335 ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY Course...

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