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Unformatted text preview: Clicker FAQs for BIO335 students Why use clickers? IN BIO335, we use clickers to give both you and the instructors immediate feedback on your background preparation, and understanding of new course material. The goal is NOT to track attendance – we don’t give credit just for showing up. Clicker scoring, which will amounts to up to 15% of the course grade, is designed to encourage participation: you will get half credit for incorrect answers. FAQs - from The University Bookstore is selling a clicker called a NXT clicker. How does this impact the classroom? As of Fall 2011 Stony Brook University is adopting a new clicker system. Old clickers that students may have purchased in the past will not be compatible. $15 rebates for new clicker purchases will be available after August 4th for the Fall 2011/ Spring 2012 semesters to help offset the cost of the new clickers. Unlike the old clickers, these clickers can be sold back to the bookstore when students are finished with them,...
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