Children's Extracurricular Activities

Children's Extracurricular Activities - Wilson 1-1Shannon...

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Wilson 1 -1Shannon Wilson Fiedler ENC 1101 11 June 2010 Children’s Extracurricular Activities Children are the next generation, the ones who grow into adults and are responsible for taking care of the elderly. They are the ones that the adult generation is leaving behind to run the world. While parents raise their children they are setting the tone for the future, just as the founding fathers set the rules and actions for the country. Parents are continuing the tradition of passing down the legacy. When children are young most want to try everything that is around them because it is all new. However, to much of these activities can lead to confusion. Cathy Rindner Tempelsman agrees that children need to have down time in their lives and that not every moment has to be a special camp, club, or sport. Extracurricular activities are important for children because they allow kids to grow and learn. “Adolescents in after school programs are optimistic for the future and have more interest in school than peers who are unsupervised after school”(Benavente). These differences of opinions show the different views on the amount of extracurricular activities that children should attend. Children from the ages two to ten should participate in extracurricular activities to a limited degree. Adolescents need limited extracurricular activities for development and so they do not put strain the on the family unit. The way a child develops determines what road in life they will go down. Extracurricular activities help children develop skills necessary in life, but to much or to many of these activities
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Children's Extracurricular Activities - Wilson 1-1Shannon...

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