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Wilson 1 -1Shannon Wilson Fiedler ENC 1101 26 May 2010 Horror Films Hollywood movie producers have numerous genres to pick from when creating a movie. However, horror seems to be of the genres that is picked most often by directors. Since people share the biological trait of fear, directors have learned to tap into this emotion and play off of it to create box-office horror movies. Stephen King believes that “ we’re all mentally ill” and that we are all bizarre in our own ways, which draws people to horror films. This ill-mindedness and bizarre need to be scared has been around since the days of Dracula and even more prominent in today’s SAW series. Given that horror movies have been around for such a long time the demand of this genre has increased. As technology grows and expands the expectations and thrills have also grown. Increasing expectations impact the popularity of horror movies. The demands of people increase and the directors need to make the movies rise simultaneously to meet the expectations. This causes people to see these movies and to keep challenging their own emotions. The immense popularity of horror movies is due to the escapism they provide and the thrill they create. Horror movies are a way to escape from reality and enter the world of fiction. The surreal
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Horror Films essay - Wilson 1 -1Shannon Wilson Fiedler ENC...

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