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Wilson 1 -1Shannon Wilson Fiedler English 1101 14 May 2010 Twilight and Iron Man Iron Man vs. Twilight shows the true difference between men and women and their taste in movies. Iron Man is about a weapons developer named Tony Stark who gets captured by enemies. He has a nuclear device connected to his body that keeps him alive and escapes captivity by building a high-tech iron suit. Tony then returns and announces to the public and his assistant Pepper Potts, that the company will no longer create machinery. Stark finds out his partner has been selling weapons to his capturers and sets out to destroy them with his new iron man suite. In the end Stark destroys the weapons and his partner which creates lasting tension in the government. Twilight on the other hand is about a girl, Bella Swan, who moves to her dad’s house while her mom and step dad travel. Bella sees a guy named Edward Cullen and is instantly drawn to him but everyone tells her that his family is peculiar and not bother with him. Their two paths merge and Bella uncovers he is a vampire, but a “vegetarian” who lives off the blood of animals. One night Bella and the Cullen family encounter three human eating vampires and one is a tracker who sets out to eat Bella. In the end Edward’s vampire family destroys the tracker. The two genres romance and action push the statement from Renaldo “men and women are daily
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Movie Essay - Wilson 1 -1Shannon Wilson Fiedler English...

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