Response to Etzioni - observations of fast-food jobs. From...

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Wilson 1 -1Shannon Wilson Fiedler ENC 1101 9 June 2010 Response to Etzioni Many people look back at their first part time job as either a waste of time or as a great benefit. Some people believe working at McDonald’s has no benefit and requires little to almost no skill to work there. In the essay, “Working At McDonald’s,” Amitai Etzioni explains his opinion on why working at McDonald’s is not beneficial. Etzioni believes that he is an expert on teenagers jobs because he is a sociology professor and has an extensive background in communication. He argues that working at McDonald’s does not provide any life skills or future job preparation. Etzioni has the credibility but lacks evidence in his argument against working at McDonald’s. A portion of his evidence is from a study that relies “mainly on what teen-agers write in response to the questionnaires rather than actual
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Unformatted text preview: observations of fast-food jobs. From my personal experience with surveys people tend to not care about the questions being asked. The responders either write false answers or do not write any answer. Etzioni is also biased because of his own son working at Baskin Robbins. When Etzioni describes an incident where his sons character is challenged by his co-workers wanting him to steal. His sons character remained true to himself and did not allow him to fall to peer pressure and steal ice cream. This shows that teenagers benefit from working at these part-time jobs because they help teenagers grow and expose them to real world issues. Etzioni does not effectively show the reason why working at McDonalds is not beneficial for teenagers. Wilson 2...
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Response to Etzioni - observations of fast-food jobs. From...

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