Response to Renaldo - of the statements she makes or true...

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Wilson 1 -1Shannon Wilson Professor Fiedler ENC 1101 11 May 2010 Response to Renaldo Stereotypes between guys and girls are caused by a difference in opinions. Girls and guys can have different views on what food they like, what colors they like, and even what movies they enjoy. In the Paper, “Chick Movies and Guy Movies,” Edith Renaldo explains her opinion on guy movies vs. chick movies, however, she does lack evidence of her opinion. Renaldo believes she is an expert on movies and that everyone believes there is a difference between guy and chick movies. Even though she states that she is an expert on movies she lacks the experience and credibility to have that title. For example, she describes, “ a recent heat wave and a stifling city apartment caused me to spend big chunks of time at the local movie theater,” making her creditability come from boredom and her opinion. In the conclusion not all
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Unformatted text preview: of the statements she makes or true to support her opinion of the differences between guy and girl movies. Edith Renaldo states that she will never watch the, Die Hard series, which proves she lacks the creditability since she has shut out half of her audience, the guys. Also, in the hook she only mentions girl movies that she enjoys which shows more of her bias against guy movies. Everything that Renaldo says about the typical aspects of guy movies vs. girl movies is her opinion which not everyone agrees with. Edith Renaldo effectively compared the difference of chick movies and guy movies in her article, however, she does so with a limited view on the movies and a bias outlook on different types of movies Wilson 2...
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Response to Renaldo - of the statements she makes or true...

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