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Wilson 1 Shannon Wilson SPC 1017-Fundamentals of Speech Communication Brown March 19, 2011 Anasazi in Mesa Verde National Park Specific Purpose : The purpose is to inform listeners about the Anasazi culture. I. Introduction A. Attention Material : Has anyone ever been to the Mesa Verde National Park or have seen cliff dwellings? Well in the Mesa Verde National Park there are cliff dwellings that were made the Anasazi people. B. Topic Background : About 1,400 years ago, long before any European exploration of the New World, a group of Indians living in the four corners area chose to make Mesa Verde their home. For over 700 years generation after generation lived and flourished, building elaborate stone cities in sheltered weathered out areas of the canon walls("Mesa Verde National Park - The Anasazi |"). C. Relevance / Tie to audience : Like many other ancient cultures we will never know the whole story of their existence, for the Anasazi left no written records and much of their items have perished. However, the ruins tell of people capable of building, artistic in their crafts, and skillful at living from difficult land. They are evidence of a society that passed down skills and traditions from one generation to survive. Their accomplishments in living in a community and arts rank them as one of the finest human cultures in ancient America.
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Wilson 2 C. Credibility : In June 2002, my family took a vacation to the four corners area and traveled to numerous national parks, Mesa Verde being one of the stops. Mesa Verde National Park protects over 4000 known archeological sites, including 600 cliff dwellings ("Mesa Verde National Park (U.S. National Park Service)"). While we were at the National Park we took a tour of numerous cliff dwellings and were able to see/imagine the lives of the ancient Pueblo people first hand. D. Thesis / Preview : The Anasazi culture emerged in the south western USA and left a great amount of archaeological evidence. They settled in the territory of the Four Corners, crossed by the modern borders of the four states of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. What could be more exciting than being able to see this evidence of such an ancient culture and to see their cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde National Park? I will explain the Anasazi history, culture, architecture. [Transition: Let’s begin by learning about who the Anasazis people.]
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anasazi - Wilson 1 Shannon Wilson SPC 1017-Fundamentals of...

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