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1. In the question, the process of valuing a high growth company and the process of valuing an established company represents two different types of company structure and their process strategy. In the company structure one, which is high growth company represent growing stage in the market where valuing at established company represent maturity stage at the market so the valuing process in high growth company will be little bit systematic complex in innovation stage. Valuing high growth company produces new market but it is improving but the established company will be simple but it will be structure and systematic which is easy to understand and it
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Unformatted text preview: will be fixed so the company will be stable which is really different from the company whose process is based on high growth. 3. For a company with a new product, the estimation of its potential market share will be on the basis of existing market competitor and existing market opportunities where competitors are not focusing or catering their products for services. There should be a competitor of substitute product available in the market. On the basis of competitiveness, potential market share is estimated. Thus it also helps the company to define the total market for defining the new product which needs to be available in the market....
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