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Unformatted text preview: Because self-love is such a strong element in human nature, it is easy to understand why so many philosophers have regarded it as the sole basis on which all moral judgments have been made. That they have been mistaken in this can be shown by applying what Francis Bacon has termed a "crucial experiment." This can be done by examining instances in which an individual's private interest is separate from the public interest and even opposed to it. Situations of this kind are not uncommon. A person engaged in business may learn that his chief competitor has been stricken with a fatal illness or has become the victim of some horrible accident. If he is a person who reacts in a normal manner, he will experience a genuine sense of sorrow for the man who has suffered the misfortune. His sorrow will not have been brought about because of any harm to his own private interests but will be due to the fact that as a human being, he is naturally...
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