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In the meantime - In the meantime he learns that the slaves...

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Unformatted text preview: In the meantime, he learns that the slaves had killed the slave-master in the night and that all of them are to be hanged. He tries to make some contacts with people he knows, but in doing so, he is captured and put in with the other slaves; the jailer tells him that they are all to be hanged in the middle of the afternoon. At a climactic moment when three of the slaves have been hanged, and the blindfold has been put on the king, suddenly five hundred of Camelot's finest knights ride up on bicycles. They take charge of the situation and rescue the king and The Boss. Just after they return to Camelot, The Boss learns that he must enter the tournament lists and must joust against Sir Sagramor. Instead of conventional weapons, however, The Boss uses a lasso and ropes Sir Sagramor and yanks several other knights off their horses. After Merlin steals the rope, Sir Sagramor challenges yanks several other knights off their horses....
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