They are then driven to London

They are then driven to London - They are then driven to...

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Unformatted text preview: They are then driven to London, along with a number of other slaves. Along the way, they see several instances of the cruelty of the laws and the difficulties of the life of the common people. After a time, The Boss manages to steal a metal clasp with a long pin from a prospective slave buyer; he uses this as a lock pick, and he is able to free himself. Before he can escape, however, the slave master comes in. The Boss tries to catch him, but he scuffles with the wrong man, and both of them are arrested. In the morning, in court, The Boss tells the judge a story that effects his immediate release, and he uses a telephone to call Clarence in Camelot so that knights can be sent to the rescue. In the meantime, he learns that the slaves had killed the slave-master in the night and that all of them are to be hanged. He tries to make some contacts with people he knows, but in doing so, he is them are to be hanged....
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