In his new role as second in command to the king

In his new role as second in command to the king - In his...

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Unformatted text preview: In his new role as second in command to the king, Hank is given fine clothing and a choice suite in the castle. As he accustoms himself to his new quarters, he notices things that are lacking — bells, speaking tubes, chromo pictures, gas, candles, books, pens, paper, ink, glass, sugar, tea, coffee, tobacco, and many other things common to the nineteenth century. In the meantime, the people of the kingdom are immensely interested in him. The eclipse frightened the whole kingdom, and everybody wants to see the magician who caused it. They flock in from all over the country to see him. It is clear that while they are there, they would like to see another miracle performed so they can carry the tale back to their villages. The news that Merlin is busy spreading the idea that this "upstart" is a humbug causes Hank to decide that he will do something else. He has Merlin thrown into prison and then begins the decide that he will do something else....
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