Midterm IDs - Midterm IDs 1. Pierre Bourdieu- French...

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Midterm ID’s 1. Pierre Bourdieu - French sociologist whose work employed methods drawn from philosopphy, literary theory, sociology, and anthropology. In his research he tried to connect aesthetic judgements to positions in society. He extended the idea of capital; dividing it into social capital, cultural capital, and symbolic capital. Thought that each individual has a socail status, no defined by social class membership, but by the amounts of each kind of capital they possess. Emphasized how social classes, especially the ruling and intellectual classes, preserve their social privileges across generations. 2. Social Capital -Refers to connections within and between social networks. Essentially creating social capital is creating networks, and doing so can strengthen civil society. An abundance of social capital is almost a necessary condition for modern liberal democracy. A low level of social capital leads to rigid and unresponsive political system. 3. Sombart - A German economist and sociologist. Known to agree with Marxian principles as well as importance/signifigance of social movements. Argued that the age of capitalism was over with German Nationalism (Nazi). German socialism puts the welfare of the whole above the welfare of the individual. Highly recognized for his economic work; discovery of the emergence of double-entry accounting as a precondition for Capitalism. 4. Leonard- Marie-Antoinette's royal hairdresser. Was an important figure as the pouf style of hair was the leading fashion mode for french women in the mid-18th century. Leonard worked with Rose Bertin, his style was characterized by decorating the hair with ornaments and objects which showcased current events. Examples as putting boats in the hair to represent french naval vessels, or to honor the American Revolution, royal infidelities, etc. 5. Rose Bertin - Marie-Antoinette's personal fashion designer from 1770-1792. Is widely credited with having brought fashion and couture to the forefront of popular culture. Met with MA several times a week presenting her with her newest creations, eventually becoming a friend and close confidant of MA. Worked with Leonard to create the pouf hairstyle that became indredible popular during the time. She also helped create fashion dolls (Pandoras), wearing the latest fashions which were used as gifts for members of nobility and very popular until the establishment of fashion magazines. Her creations established France as the center of the fashion world, which it remains today. Her work was very important because important figures at court were wearing her garments. 6. Fashion Doll : Page 14 of Weber Reading: “to showcase their wares, the fashion purveyors often relied on jointed wooden or plaster poupees de mode , or ‘fashion dolls’- precursors to both the store mannequin and the runway model- outfitted in doll-sized versions of the latest Parisian styles. Commonly known as Pandoras (“little Pandora modeled morning and informal garb, while “big Pandora” was draped in ceremonial and evening wear), these dolls were curcial in disseminating the latest trends coming out of
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the city that was already recognized as the standard-bearer for international style.” From
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Midterm IDs - Midterm IDs 1. Pierre Bourdieu- French...

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