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Unformatted text preview: 12 Expressing Actions Hacer, oír, poner, salir, traer, and ver and ver hacer (to do; to make) hago hacemos haces hacéis hace hacen salir (to leave; to go out) salgo salimos sales salís sale salen oigo oyes oye oír (to hear) oímos oís oyen traer (to bring) traigo traemos traes traéis trae traen poner (to put; to place) pongo ponemos pones ponéis pone ponen ver (to see) veo vemos ves veis ve ven 13 Expressing Actions Present Tense of Stem-Changing Verbs e → ie ie pensar (ie) (to think) o (u) → ue (u) ue volver (ue) (to return) e →i pedir (i) (to ask for; to order) pienso pensamos vuelvo volvemos pido pedimos pedimos piensas pensáis vuelves volvéis pides pedís piensa piensan vuelve vuelven pide piden 14 Expressing -self / -selves Reflexive Pronouns (Part 1) bañarse (to take a bath) bañarse (yo) (tú) (Ud.) (él) (él) (ella) (nosotros) (vosotros) (Uds.) (ellos) (ellas) me baño te bañas baña I take a bath you (fam.) take a bath you take you (form.) take a bath you se baña se he takes a bath she takes a bath nos bañamos bañ os bañáis bañ we take baths you (fam., pl.) take baths you you (pl.) take baths you take se bañan bañ they take baths they take baths 14 Expressing -self / -selves Reflexive Pronouns (Part 2) me te se myself yourself (fam. sing.) himself, herself, itself; yourself (form. sing.) nos os se ourselves yourselves (fam. pl. Sp.) themselves; yourselves (pl.) ...
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