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HW1_Problems - Exercises for Section 1.2 10 A sample of 100...

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Exercises for Section 1.2 10. A sample of 100 adult women was taken, and each was asked how many children she had. The results were as follows: Children 0 1 2 3 4 5 Number of Women 27 22 30 12 7 2 a. Find the sample mean number of children. b. Find the sample standard deviation of the number of children. c. Find the sample median of the number of children. d. What is the first quartile of the number of children? e. What proportion of the women had more than the mean number of children? f. For what proportion of the women was the number of children more than one standard deviation greater than the mean? g. For what proportion of the women-was the number of children within one standard deviation of the mean? 14. There are 10 employees in a particular division of a company. Their salaries have a mean of $70,000, a median of $55,000, and a standard deviation of $60,000. The largest number on the list is $100,000. By accident, this number is changed to $1,000,000. a.
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